ECAWA Conference August 24 and 25 2007

Google Earth kmz files

Here is a resource that may be useful for Google Earth, or at least as an example of how students could share geospatial ideas

Nuclear reactor KMZ file for Google Earth

There is a story here!  Until last week, KMZ files (the file format that is used by Google Earth) were not able to be uploaded to Edublogs, as they came up as a dangerous file type.  After a few queries, and a bit of investigation, the good people at Edublogs verified that the KMZ  is an OK file type , and they can now be uploaded. And the actual changes took less than 12 hours. Overnight in fact.

This is a quite incredible response for a service that is free to individual teachers. I can’t think of many “commercial” providers that can come close to that degree of responsiveness.  These people deserve congratulations.