Monday 11 AM: MIT App Inventor.

Josh Sheldon

LOGO was designed when computers were clumsy. MIT App Inventor was designed for mobiles

Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and we can readily take advantage of the features like accelerometer and email/phone/text integration

37000 people building apps with AI daily – ⅓ are under 18

When set up in developer mode, Apps Inventor lets students develop iteratively and see live update from browser to phone (which can be a virtual device)

Event driven language, based on blocks

Has language translator, text to speech etc

Sharing allows you to build a QR code for Android Package file, or publish to gallery.

Free PL at for Computer Science Principles in 2016. One of 4 AP CSP courses endorsed by College Board.

Free online course this summer, just started

Lenovo Scholar network at or has resources.

Internal sharing can also be done to Google Drive or other shared drive. Source files are .aia (App Inv for Android) project so students can import and edit (from Projects menu) while the .apk file is the compiled app for installation on device

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