Senior Librarians Conference Launceston 26 -27 Nov 2007

A bunch of materials to support this conference:

Google Earth collection

Here are some kmz files that will open directly in Google Earth.

Pulp Mill kmz file A model pulp mill for a small island…

Nuclear Power Station WA A nuclear reactor for Perth WA…

Bookmarks collection for import into your

bookmarks for library conference 

These can be imported via the Settings – Import/upload  feature (these are all Dictionary websites so you can tag them all that way as they go in).

You’ll need to save this file to your computer somewhere (right click – Save As) (I had to rename the bookmarks file as .txt to prevent Edublogs rejecting it as a dangerous file type.)

 To do this with your own bookmarks file back at work, in IE go to File –> Import and Export and save your own bookmarks, or any part of them, as a file, then import it to your edublog

The actual complete presentation from today is available here, but it is quite large – best to download this some other time! Senior Secondary Librarians Conference – presentation 26 Nov 2007

Workshop presentation

Workshop slides  for afternoon session

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