Stanford Summer Teaching Institute – Day 1 Part 3: some basic classroom tools

Nearpod (originally developed at Stanford as a smaller environment than LMS etc for direct classroom interaction).

Use CVEPT as example PIN

Allows instructor to control and push out slides and activities to students

Example use – identify item with same first letter as your surname, combine with neighbour to create single item that combines these eg Bear Apple. Draw, send, display, can send back.

Nearpod has a content store which includes content, curriculum and assessment

eg PBTAL pin has digital online safety course with 75 lessons from Commonsense Education, across grade levels.

Aligned with ISTE standards.

Eg Unit 3 Lesson 2 is Super Digital Citizen

Can collect information from students, share them back, etc

Can explore websites within tool.

Can embed video

can drag and drop from PowerPoint into Nearpod

Lessons include think/pair/share etc.

Anonymous in terms of what students see.

Free version – about 30 students. Paid version is $120 a year.

Digital Curriculum release in Nearpod near start of US school year

Google Drive as an educational tool.

Google Spreadsheet.

Can lock ranges as source of free presentation templates

Can edit offline, sync later

Many US schools have adopted Google tools as their main toolset, and many use Chromebooks.

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