Stanford Summer Teaching Institute – Day 1 Part 2: PD characteristics

Keynote from Janet Carlson, Executive Director CSET re role of SSTI and CSET mission.

What counts in professional development:

    • can apply and implement
    • has an immediate and long-term application
    • practical and applicable.
    • quality and based on research
    • recent teacher practice
    • reflective aspect.
    • organisation has follow-through
    • driven by a visions
    • helps teachers develop skills and knowledge
    • mirrors methods an practice it espouses
    • builds a learning community
    • develops teacher leadership
    • links into the system

How can PD remain relevant as more options become available online.


      • Cognitive Dissonance
      • provide opportunities to resolve dissonance
      • connect the above to students
      • develop repertoire of new practices
      • Support for cycling though the above

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