ISTE 2015 – Saturday

AM: Hack Education

#hackeducation – unconference organised by Steve Hargadon

This event is now been running for several years and its structure is as interesting as the content.

Model for the unconference – facilitated discussions, not presentations.

Step 1: Topics creation

  • Organisers (or others) write topics on butchers paper – one topic per sheet, topics listed by those offering
  • The sheets of paper are then laid out in a (long) line where people can see them
  • Delegates vote with sticky dots on these paper sheets

Topic organisation and session creation

  • Organisers then rank most popular, collapse down similar topics, Then groups are developed, and a wiki used to display the allocation eg
  • Backchannel is set up eg at
  • Topics are allocated to timeslots and locations, an hour each.


  • Then people choose which to attend, discuss. Where a group exceeds 20 people it is split in two. People vote with their feet and move between sessions.
  • No powerpoint etc presentations.
  • NO commercial pitches are allowed.
  • The day long nature means people can still wander off and attend other sessions, returning to the sessions they area interested in.

There is a lot of congratulating colleagues. Unawards are awarded via #unawards as un awards on twitter

Nominate someone for an “unaward”!


  • End of day – smackdown demonstration, 3 minute presentation about the most useful things people did/learnt/said/heard, but no pitching your product, no commercial presentation

Group photo is taken part way through.


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