ISTE 2015 Saturday am – Sessions 1 and 2

I attended two sessions in the Hack Education session on Saturday. They were about 3D printing and Makerspaces, and there was some overlap between the two sessions

Sessions 1 and 2: – 3D printing in schools, Makerspaces

Notes and resources:

See  for more.

  • inmoov printable #D robot
  • School project vs real project
  • Design aoporach – deal with problem, share with others via Thingiverse
  • TinkerCAD is most common tool for developing 3D models.
  • 123D design for iphone (suite of tools)
  • blockify

Additional tools are available to customise the slicing algorithm

  • Cura
  • Slice3r: MatterControl open source (makerbot has its own software)

In some schools 3D printing is managed by librarians. Seems they have seen the writing on the wall.

Technical support for 3D printer – is this an issue?

MakerBot seems to hold up OK – some others not so well.

Design process – ADDE framework is used widely.

Discovery Ed has some 3D printing competitions. Purdue has regional event

Many uses of 3D printing (in this group at least) appear to be robotic based – battlebot etc

phone cases etc as art works

  • bluetape and gluesticks help keep object on the bed so head doesn’t move it around
  • Design a coin of your face.
  • Don’t teach 3D a subject, and more than you’d teach electric drill or food processor as a subje
  • 123D Catch
  • 3D scanner – suggestions
  • – Arta
  • Time for makerspaces is seen as being at the expense of “serious” topics, that is those that tested with standardised tests.
  • Flipped classroom reversed – video lesson, show it in class, watch kids watching video
  • The makerspace movement elevates engineering design etc to the same level as scientific inquiry
  • Learning by failing is important
  • Online learning online.= limited, teachers need to experience it hands-on.
  • Makerspace kits are issued in some school districts, but teachers have to attend PD.

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