Reconsidering ICT in schools – what we should and shouldn’t provide

Rethinking school responsibilities

This post will become an extension of a paper I started to write in around October 2009 for ACEC2010. The paper was never completed as my employer generously funded me to attend ACEC, and some of the ideas in the paper were reasonably radical and in conflict with most conventional thinking in education jurisdictions. As this paper did not reflect the views of the organisation I represented at ACEC I did not feel it would be appropriate to present it, as it may have been misinterpreted as the views of my employer.

However since ACEC2010 the issues in the paper have become more important and have benn discussed in numerous professional communities. I have thus begun re-framing the paper in a way that aligns with the major issues facing ICT in education.

The paper represents my views, not those of my employer or the various organisations I represent.

Content will be added as it is edited.

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