Google Lit Trips – using Google Earth Tours to support literacy/

A number of people have asked about Google Lit Trips, possibly after one of our PD sessions. These take books that involve a journey, presenting that journey as an annotated tour in Google Earth.

A brief tutorial on adding placemarks to Google Earth is available at

Students might not initially see the ways in which placemark symbols can be changed This is useful as you can use one sort of placemark to mark say chapters and others to mark plot locations etc. When editing a placemark, click on the picture next to the Name , and a range of other icons will appear. You can also change colour etc of placemarks – this is reasonably obvious.

TASITE response to Digital Education Revolution and National Secondary Schools Computer Fund

Attached is a draft of a response from TASITE to the Digital Education Revolution proposal. Edits and suggestions should be sent ASAP to TASITE via the tas-it online community. TASITE response to DER/NSSCF

The presentation that was previously here turned out to have been corrupted. I will add it when I receive an uncorrupted version.