Pageflakes and (Rosny College, April 2008)

Pageflakes is a free web2.0 tool that “aggregates’ content from other places. It is sort of a personal dashboard for students and staff, which allows individuals to see the things they want to see via a web interface. Almost anything that has a “RSS” feed can be made to show in a PageFlakes box, as well as many many pre-defined flakes. It now has a “teacher” version which has nice educational “flakes” is a free web2.0-based tool to let you manage a collection of “Bookmark” or “Favourite” websites, in a way that generates social networks. It allows you to share them selectively, tag them with your own tags, identify people with similar interests, and of course they are available anywhere you can browse the web. As it is web2.0 it talks to other systems, with RSS feeds.

And here are the notes for the session at Rosny College. Pageflakes and in education (46KB, MS Word)