Materials for Online Learning Network, Launceston 21-22 February 2008

The presentation used in the sessions in Launceston 21-22 February is available here.

PowerPoint file from Online Teachers Workshop 21-22 Feb 2008

The MS PowerPoint file is quite large so please be nice to others and download it when your network is not in heavy use.

I’ve licensed most of my work under Creative Commons licensing as non-profit , with attribution, so you can use this anywhere you like as long as you don’t charge for it and you attribute its authorship.

Rosny College Feb 2008

Here are the resources for the session for Rosny College staff, Feb 2008. Feel free to share these under Creative Commons share-alike conditions.

Presentation for Rosny College Feb 2008 (PPT file, approx 4Mb … download when the network is relatively idle)

Grapes of Wrath Google Earth File (either save and open in Google Earth, or save and rename as .kmz instead of .txt)  (from Google Lit Trips)

Pulp Mill for Tasmania kmz file

Podomatic podcast – sample site