Computing courses for use in Moodle

If you have a Moodle installation available, there are many free courses you can download and then deliver in your own Moodle course. Most need modifications, but they are a useful starting point. You need to download the relevant .zip file and then upload it to your Moodle installation. In some cases the links will take you to someone’s Moodle course, and in it will be a link to download the course itself.

  • Ian Usher’s course on Free and Open Source Software for education (what he calls a digital pencil case of necessary tools)
  • Six Moodle A-Level Computing courses produced by David Berry and available for free download and modification under the creative commons share and sharealike license:


(guest login, you will find the “download this course” link in the course)

  • You can download a Computer Fundamentals course here.
  • A 12 week digital photography course using GIMP and Flickr. Images, examples, lessons, scoring rubrics, Gimp links and tutorials, information on image hosting sites… you’ll find everything you need to teach the course.
  • A course that takes students through the process of creating their own computer game using the excellent and free (but only on windows) Game Maker program
  • A course in networking
  • A course in Java
  • Key Stage 3 materials (UK)
  • ICT Revision (UK GCSE standard)
  • Introduction to Visual Basic